Mr Sanchos Cozumel

By April 1, 2008July 22nd, 2018Vacations

I last left off getting ready to jump off this Carnival Inspiration cruise ship and head into the land of Cozumel for the day. I was extremely excited about getting off the boat, especially with one of the destinations being canceled and knowing we were going to have an extra day at sea. I’ve been to Cozumel a few times before and usually end up doing the same thing each time I go there…… Carlos and Charlies.

This time we decided to do something a little different, I needed to fax some shit back to the United States, I got lucky found this place called “Info“, they were able to scan and email the file I needed taken care of which kicked some serious ass, it’s right around the corner from Senior Frogs and Carlos and Charlies, they charged $1 to do the service, worth every dime.

After that we jumped in a cab and headed over to this place called Mr. Sanchos, I hadn’t realized it until I actually got there that I was there a few years before with the Wifey and the Spunkster. I will say the place was VERY different from what it was a few years ago. When I was there the first time they had a cool bar with swings that you could sit on right by the beach. That is now gone, along with about 30′ of the beach that used to be there. At Mr. Sanchos they did a great job repairing and rebuilding everything, it was Hurricane Wilma that dealt the destruction.

The service was excellent at Mr. Sanchos and let’s just say that I had no problem knocking off 8 Yards of Pina Colada’s which certainly had me feeling pretty good. The scenery kicks some major ass at Mr. Sanchos and everything is reasonably priced as well. I will also say as much as I love Carlos and Charlies it was nice not getting that hammered. After we left there we jumped in a cab and headed back to port. The port we docked at isn’t the same port we normally go into, the port we normally go into was also leveled by Hurricane Wilma and Carnival is now rebuilding everything.

Once we got back to the port we bought some stuff we will probably never use. Then we headed back on to the ship. The drinking continued on the ship of course then it was time to hit the Casino. I got lucky again but not playing Craps this time (since Carnival doesn’t know how to properly staff their Casino and couldn’t open the table) so I played Roulette instead.

Here’s a picture at Mr. Sanchos, Ill post more once I can upload them.

Mr Sanchos