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It’s a beautiful day to do a Tampa Marijuana Dispensary review.

In Florida, a Medical Marijuana card is needed in order for a doctor to prescribe THC & CBD. (Medical Marijuana in the form of a smokable plant, “flower”, “greens”, “trees”, and “green weed” are not approved for use under Florida’s Medical Marijuana use law.)

It’s a Rick Scott thing. (Like the INSANITY St. Pete Attorney for the People Matthew Wiedner recently helped to expose that’s going on on Florida beaches. Now dubbed the “line in the sand” or “wet sand law” controversy.)

Anyhow, I was recently approved for and issued a Medical Marijuana card by the state of Florida.

Medical Marijuana Card Information Request – MMC Doctor

If you would like me to email you the doctor that I went to for my Medical Marijuana Card screening and prescription shoot me your email address below. Please keep in mind that the Medical Marijuana Doctor information that I sent over will only be useful for Tampa, Florida residents.

With my Medical Marijuana prescription, I can visit any Florida marijuana dispensary in order to refill my THC inhalation prescription. I live in the Tampa area, so I visit CuraLeaf and TruLieve. Specifically, I live in Palm Harbor where a CuraLeaf is located and there’s also a Trulieve down the street in Clearwater.

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Both CuraLeaf and Trulieve have multiple dispensary locations.

My medical marijuana prescription is for inhalation. I use a vape pen to inhale THC & CBD oils as a treatment for anxiety, high blood pressure, inflammation, and pain.

My Tampa Marijuana Dispensary Review: CuraLeaf vs Trulieve

35388 US Highway 19 North
Palm Harbor, FL, 34683
24761 US Highway 19
Clearwater, FL 33763

Marijuana Dispensary Location

I’m located in Palm Harbor, so the CuraLeaf is located about 7 minutes from my home. Trulieve is about 15 minutes away.

Edge: CuraLeaf, ease of access to US 19 and Alderman Rd.

Dispensary Location Interior

I prefer the layout of CuraLeaf. It’s located inside of an old bank on the corner of a major intersection. It’s open. Airy. I found the layout of Trulieve to be somewhat weird and uncomfortable.

Edge: CuraLeaf, open and more welcoming.

Customer Service

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but CuraLeaf has a more welcoming feel. Both dispensaries have people at the entrance to check your state issued Medical Marijuana ID Card, but the CuraLeaf employees genuinely seem happy.

Edge: CuraLeaf, friendlier staff, less like a processing line.

Tampa Marijuana Dispensary THC Vape Selection

As a Tampa marijuana dispensary newcomer, the selection is extremely important to me. I want to find the best strains that will impact my issues in a positive way.


Edge: Trulieve runs away with it here. They have a much larger selection of 64.5% THC range products and four 80-90% THC products. CuraLeaf can expand here.

Vape Pen Comparison

Pinellas Dispensary

I purchased a vape pen at both dispensaries. Well, technically I received a free vape pen from CuraLeaf as part of their first-time customer discount (see below). The CuraLeaf pen has a push button on it, cost $10, and all of the THC vape cartridges sold at CuraLeaf fit the pen. The pen has a flat tip which makes it possible to stand the vape pen up, but it falls over 3x for every one time it stays standing.

TruLieve offers two vape pens. Both are the same price at $20. The pen I purchased takes the 64.5% THC 600mg ceramic cartridges. The other vape pen they sell is $35 online, however, the sales associate I worked with said it was $20. It takes the 80-90% THC 800mg cartridges. The model I purchased has a round tip and will not stand up.

Edge: CuraLeaf, the pen can be used for all cartridges, price point. One thing I do prefer about the Trulieve vape pen is that it doesn’t have a button.

THC Oil Comparison

One thing that stands out when I compare THC cartridges from one dispensary to the other is that the cartridges from Trulieve will flow faster from side to side when moving the pen and looking at the oil. Meanwhile, the cartridges from CuraLeaf seem to be of a thicker consistency and hardly moves. This goes for the 60% THC also.

Edge: CuraLeaf’s THC oil cartridges seem to be thicker and clear.

First Time Tampa Marijuana Dispensary Customer Discounts

I purchased (3) 400mg 80% THC vape cartridges and received a free vape pen at CuraLeaf. At Trulieve, I purchased (2) 600mg 64.5% THC cartridges and a vape pen.


*$89+Tax for the pen = $93 at Trulieve. There was no tax on the pen offered by CuraLeaf because it was free.

Strains I’ve Tested

Banana KushSunset Sherbert
Master KushSuper Lemon Haze
Memory Loss
Predator Pink
Sour Diesel

Online Ordering

Offered by CuraLeaf & Trulieve.

Dispensary Pickup

CuraLeaf and Trulieve offer the ability to order Medical Marijuana products that are legal in Florida online for pickup at the Tampa marijuana dispensary.

Edge: CuraLeaf, convenient drive-thru window pickup.


Offered by CuraLeaf & Trulieve.

Edge: CuraLeaf, same day delivery to Palm Harbor.

Accepted Forms of Payment at the Dispensary

The only form of payment accepted at dispensaries is cash. There is an app available that allows for payment using your Android or iPhone. I wanted to try the iPhone app, but I didn’t care for it.

I should also note that CuraLeaf and Trulieve both have an ATM on-site where you can withdraw cash for your purchase. A minimal processing fee applies as with most ATMs.

Edge: CuraLeaf, ATM located inside the dispensary.

Before I Go

In a perfect world, CuraLeaf would expand their strain selection.

CuraLeaf continues to be my go-to Tampa Marijuana dispensary. I’ll continue to visit Trulieve from time-to-time for expanded variety and larger volume THC vape cartridges.

Side Note

One of the main reasons I’m sharing my Tampa Marijuana Dispensary review is because I’m finalizing Online Presence Management packages for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Reputation Management services for Medical Marijuana Doctors.

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