Half Extreme Now

By March 25, 2008July 22nd, 2018Business

I will keep this blog post pretty short and sweet. Today was a great day, I saw almost 8 years of work pay off with the sales of two of my businesses to a well respected and well know International Internet Company. I was lucky enough to secure a respected deal where I can continue to work on a few of my internet projects, which isn’t always the case when it comes to large deals like this one.

I will continue to focus on the growth of my Extreme Tan and Smoothies Indoor Tanning Salon brand, and will most likely venture into a Limo business as well as invest in a few other brick and mortar businesses over the next couple of years. I am excited to see what all of the shit talkers and rumor starters in my salons will have to say now. Over the years there have been some pretty funny little clowns that talk about shit they know nothing about and start some pretty fucked up rumors about. Whatcha little clowns gonna have to say now? Wooooooooooooooot!