Wildless Weekend

By April 28, 2008July 22nd, 2018Life

Last weekend was hectic, it started with a long ass drinking spree on Friday and carried over into the Birthday event for Extreme Tan and Smoothies and of course my son Brendon’s Birthday that afternoon right into UFC on Saturday night. Last weekend actually carried right over into Monday for the most part, since we went out Monday afternoon for lunch and turned it into a 16 hour drink fest again.

This weekend could have very well went the same way last weekend went, minus the Salon event and Brendon’s party. On Friday we went out to lunch around 1:30pm and we didn’t leave Mugs and Juggs until 4 o’clock. Instead of heading back out we decided to kick back at the house, have a beer if you wanted one and don’t if you don’t one one. James from A Sound Decision came by and did some work on our new remotes for the Media Room and Living Room.

Friday was nice and easy compared to last Friday which I am honestly very happy about, the liver needed a rest. Saturday was nothing like last Saturday, my Daughter went out with her friend from next door. Brendon and my Niece stayed back but stayed pretty busy which made it a pretty quiet night. Sean came over and ended up staying the night after we watched some Boxing that was on PPV. I will throw in real quick that Boxing is nothing compared to MMA these days, I could have slept through the entire Boxing card last night.

Head into Sunday, the weather was pretty much picture perfect again, 80 degrees no clouds and nothing but clear blue skies here in Palm Harbor, Florida. I was up pretty early, decided to jump in the pool and from that point forward my day has been pretty uneventful. I watched The NY Mets beat the Atlanta Braves on the TV to the right, watched NASCAR (yeah Im surprised too) on the middle TV and watched the shitty NY Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians. Other than the above I haven’t done a damn thing today and I couldn’t be happier.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.