Time to Get Off

By April 3, 2008July 22nd, 2018Vacations

Today was the big day, the big day to get off of a cruise that seemed like it went on forever. I’m sure it has something to do with the shitty service and the fact that we were doing all of 6 knots for 3 days at sea.

Getting off the Carnival Cruise Inspiration seemed like a much easier process than the last few cruises I have gone on. They also now let you keep your bags in your room and wheel them off yourself the next day, something I am sure is much easier when you don’t have any kinds with you. Even though we did not keep the bags in the room we were off the ship very quick, had no issues grabbing our luggage and Customs was a breeze. This is probably the biggest area I will give Carnival props on, there are a few others but for the most part, Carnival Cruise lines has a long way to go. I leave you with a few pics from the cruise, and I will be posting more pictures from the trip over the next few days.

Carnival Inspiration Picture
Carnival Inspiration at Night (Lido Deck)

Casino Chips
Casino Chips from Carnival Inspiration, to think I was up and blew it.

Extreme John Picture
A little too much to drink for me on this day. Anyone that knows me knows I hate pictures, well pictures of my self 😉 Get me a little boozed up and I’m ready to take stupid pictures of myself. Ass..