Theatre Room Pictures

By July 27, 2008July 22nd, 2018Life

Well, we have finally decided to finish getting the Theater Room done, it’s been the giant empty room in the house for the last couple of years and it’s just time. It seems like when I missed Football season I got into the rut that it had to be done before Football Season and made that one of my biggest excuses as to not getting it done (dumb ass), “We need to get it done, but it has to be done before football season.” Then I would think there was so much time until football season that by the time I would say, “Ok let’s get it done.” there was like 2 weeks to football season. No way it was going to be done in a two week period. It’s at minimum 4-week job and 4 weeks doesn’t fall into my “Area of planning”, I am the king of last minute.

We had the pre-wire done when the house was being built and that was “BB” (before blog) so no pics unless you go to this page (my original picture page) of the house when it was being built. We are using the same company that did the prewire and the rest of the Audio/Video stuff in the house. The company is A Sound Decision which is based in Tarpon Springs, Florida. We became really good friends with a few of the guys from A Sound Decision the first guy is James, he’s a cool fucker we watch EVERY single MMA Event (UFC, EliteXc, WEC) at my house. He works with this Sang character who’s out of control but also a very cool guy, then there’s Jason, who’s so cool he only talks once in a while and when he does he says the best one-liners you have ever heard.

Needless to say, the Theater room is being worked on, it will 5 Theater style seats in the back row and a Media Bed for the bottom row, also included will be three triple 12 subs, 3 42″ Plasma TV’s and a custom 130″+ screen powered by an Epson 1080p HD Projector. There’s a lot more techie type crap I could ramble about but you would close the blog so I will get to a couple of pictures of phase one of the Theater Room which was building the Seating and walkway levels as well as creating the custom mount for the 3 Plasmas and Front speakers.