Sixteen Hours of Drinking

By April 18, 2008July 22nd, 2018Life, Parties

Any of you that know me know I have always been a big fan of Friday’s, I don’t typically go out every Friday but given the chance I will typically do a Liquid Lunch/Meeting on Friday afternoon, it’s a good way to put some idea’s together and of course damage some serious brain cells.

This Friday would be “one of those days”, the guys from RSS Builders have been through it with us before. Hit the bar at Noon and end up drinking until 4:30 in the morning. We started out at Chili’s in Clearwater Florida on US 19 first. I was feeling the short beers in the mega frosted mugs. We ended up leaving Chili’s and heading to Apple Bee’s in Palm Harbor Florida, we only had like two beers there. From Apple Bee’s we shot over to my house right down the street, we were waiting for “Pete” to get there so we could head back out, plus we were meeting a few more people at my house as well. Once “Pete” got to the house we headed to the Winghouse on Ulmerton Road in Largo Florida to see this girl Ash that has worked for us for just about ever. We stayed at WInghouse till about 10pm when we headed back out to try and go to this place called Wise Guys, we have been there once before and it was a pretty nice place, but the last two times we went there (or tried to) there was some kind of stupid issue so we ended up not going in. Kinda sucks because it’s a nice place on the inside. After not going into Wise Guys we decided to head down to The Slug, it’s a cool place on Racetrack Rd in Tampa Florida. We had a great time at the Slug and this being our second time and both times being great it’s a place I would recommend. The only thing I didn’t care for was the amount of Smoke in the place, normally Smoke doesn’t bother me but it was excessive. The Service was excellent, everyone there is very friendly. After leaving The Slug we headed over to The Cop Shop in Oldsmar Florida, this is a HUGE Bar and Grill that is currently being renovated and they are doing a killer job. This is also our second time here and the service was excellent again (minus the fact they forgot to give us the drinks we ordered before last call).

The Slug Tampa Florida

After we closed out The Cop Shop in Oldsmar Florida we headed back to the house, played with some tree’s and had some more drinks, we packed it in just before 5am.