Recovery is Needed

By March 18, 2008July 22nd, 2018Life, Parties

I typically don’t go out on St. Patricks day and I’m not also one to get a chubby over some green beer. This year I’ve got some different things going on as of late and figured “fuck it, why not go out?”

So a few of us headed up to “Chedders” a local place here in Largo, Florida that we use to go to a hell of a lot more often (I should go back more). We got there around Noon and sat where we always sit (outside), and we started having a few beers. We would have probably have been there all night if it weren’t for the fact that we wanted to head up to our House in Palm Harbor Florida and hit a little local place called “Peggy O’neils”.

We headed back to the house around 5:30 where we had the Extreme Limo pick us up (not this exact one) but the black one.

Extreme John Limo

We ended up at Peggy O’neils as we planned, which is odd because things seem to change in a second’s time. We sat outside there also, the service was pretty shitty or better yet, non-existent. You would think on your biggest day of the year you would be staffed up. Anyway it’s a cool place we go there all the time and we always have a good time, so they get love anyway. Once at Peggy’s we had about 8 more people meet us there, by this point the drinks were flowing and the buzz was way more than a buzz. Add Jager shots mixed with a few full-sized Jager and Cranberries and it was safe to say this night was gonna get rough quick.

We left Peggy’s and headed to some club, I would love to tell you the name of it but I was too destroyed to even have a clue. Ran into a few more friends there and closed out the bar. Let’s just say today I’m a little destroyed.