Extreme Paychecks

Extreme Paychecks

After toying with Internet Marketing for a few years, I decided in the summer of 1999 to leave my 10-year position with the Home Depot to pursue a work-from-home business. I quickly fell in love with online marketing concepts and affiliate marketing strategies.

At that time, most of my income came from affiliate marketing programs. Before the summer ended many of those programs started to fail, and ultimately failed to pay their affiliates. That’s when Extreme Paychecks was born.

In the Spring of 2007, I was approached by a buyer that wanted to purchase Extreme Paychecks and all of the supporting domains that I had developed to support affiliates and online subscription members. At that time, there were over 4,000 affiliates promoting Extreme, and over 10,000 monthly members. I accepted the offer and moved on to other projects and goals that I wanted to pursue.

Amazon went on to purchase Extreme Paychecks.

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