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Limousine Lookin

By April 6, 2008July 22nd, 2018Business

Today I took the first steps towards what I believe will be my next business venture. I have been talking about buying my own Limo to use for my Tanning Salon events, and other events I might need it for. In the mist of thinking I would go ahead and have a custom limo built it got me thinking, that through the years with all of the different Limousine companies I have used in the past or recommended to people that I know more than enough to feel comfortable starting my own Limo business. I am sure that many will say I am out of my mind or that I don’t have a clue, but that’s no different than the people that said the same thing when I started my online business, and then my Tanning Salons. So far they have all been wrong.

I contacted this company called Big Limo’s, they are based out of California and specialize in, well… Big Limos. I actually tried calling them on Friday but the girl that answered the phone said everyone was gone until Monday, so I sent in an email. Here are a few pics of the Limo’s they do. I would go with at least 1 H2 16 passenger Black stretch since it will be the one I am building with me and my specific guests in mind so it will have Direct TV, XM or Serius and it will have a killer A/C and sound system.

Black H2 Limousine
This one is insane and much larger than anything I would want or need. This Limo was done by Big Limo’s and is a 280″ triple axle Limo they did, called Texas.

Custom h2 Limo Interior
I will be picking a wild interior something like this I am sure, I want something different than the norm and want anyone using our Limousine service to have a “Different” experience.

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