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As a business owner, it always helps to improve your business reputation online…but just how do you go about that? That’s what I want to talk about today – an online presence manager.

What is Online Presence Management?

Before I start talking about how an online presence manager can improve your business reputation, let’s first take a look at exactly what online presence management is.

Every business has a presence online whether they actively manage it or not. That is, your business name is guaranteed to appear somewhere online at some point – store directories, service directories, customer reviews, customer feedback, social media contacts, etc.

When you actively manage your business’s online presence you play an active role in maintaining a positive image of your business online. When you play no role in managing your online presence, however, things tend to get a little crazy.

For example:

Frank buys a pair of shoes from your business in his usual size but they pinch his feet. He takes to social media to complain about your shoes.

Now, if you actively manage your online presence, you would be aware of Frank’s complaint and have the opportunity to respond to him and “make things right”. Afterall, customer satisfaction is what keeps your business going, right?

But what happens if you don’t have an active role in your online presence? If you don’t have time to manage and monitor your business’s online presence, complaints like Frank’s go unanswered. How does that reflect on your business? You got it, POORLY!

So What is an Online Presence Manager?

An online presence manager is someone who has the knowledge, experience, and tools to monitor various aspects of your business’s online presence. They are able to respond to complaints like Frank’s, they are able to promote your product accordingly in local directories, they can keep the content of your website current and updated…they can do anything and everything needed to get your online presence booming.

6 Ways an Online Presence Manager Can Improve Your Business Reputation

If you’re wondering just how an online presence manager can help you to improve your business reputation, here are six fabulous benefits of an OPM.

1. Online Presence Management is a Full-Time Job

It is next to impossible to find the time to successfully manage a business and your online presence at the same time. Both of these full-time jobs require your complete attention and hours out of your day…not to mention experience and education! Instead of stretching yourself too thin, consider hiring an online presence manager to take some of this work off your plate and to take advantage of their knowledge base.

2. Business is Business

Not everyone online is going to love your business, your product, or even you! This is just the way of the world and many business owners take this far too personally. When someone dislikes something about your business and voices that dislike online, it’s easy to take things personally and lash out – after all, this is your baby, right? Hiring an online presence manager will improve your online presence by allowing you to respond to these customers from an objective point of view. Cooler heads ALWAYS prevail!

3. An Effective Online Presence

Creating an online presence is about more than just being present. It’s also about knowing how to take advantage of online marketing avenues, how to engage with potential customers, where to go, what to post, who to link up with… A professional online presence manager will have the knowledge needed to create an effective online presence for you by hitting every angle from an educated point of view.

4. Regular Content

Your online content is how you reach out to new customers online and maintain the attention of previous customers. If you rarely update your online content and continue to offer the same stale information, your business is going to appear stale as well. Writing and updating online content is time-consuming though and to maintain a regular update schedule you need someone who can keep up with this regular schedule. This is where an online presence manager comes in!

5. Your Online Presence Influences Your Profitability

Just what is the potential for your business’s profitability online? Don’t you want to take advantage of every opportunity to profit from your online presence? This means that you not only need to maintain a positive presence online, but that you also need to know the where, what, and how’s of marketing yourself. An online presence manager has the knowledge and skills to improve your profitability and they know all the avenues needed to get to that profitability.

6. Stay On Top of Your Competition

All business’s have competitors and if you want your slice of the pie, it’s important that you are able to beat out your competitors online (or at least match them) through your online presence. An online presence manager can devote their time to doing this to not only keep your business in the running locally but also to keep an eye on keyword poachers trying to steal your business’s traffic.

Looking For Help Managing Your Business’s Online Presence?

If your business or brand could use the help of an online presence manager check out this site. Prices are reasonable and service is fantastic…what more could you ask for?

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