I’m 5 minutes from being home…

By November 18, 2007July 22nd, 2018Life

from Webmaster Access when I get a phone call, it’s my son and he says in a panic:

“Daddy something is wrong with Tigger… He fell down and he’s crying and I don’t know what to do!!!”

“Ok, what was he doing before this happened?”

“He got stuck outside and was hurt and Brendon went to help him and Tigger tried to bite him, Brendon was able to pull him out.”

“Ok what was hurt? And try to stay calm I’m almost home.”

“His legs got crossed and he’s walking into stuff and got stuck behind the table!”

“Ok, buddy just leave him alone and stay calm I’ll be right home.”

So pretty much a shitty conversation. I finally got Tigger to lay down last night, he’s walking a little better today and at least laying down from time to time, but he’s walking into more and more stuff. I’ve been thinking about it all day, I just want him to get comfortable and relax, I hate his constant pacing and how he seems like he can’t get his legs to the right angle to sit down. I’ve decided he probably had a stroke as his issues seem to be on his left side. I’ll be taking him to the vet tomorrow, just try to get him something for any pain so he doesn’t seem so miserable.

I was just sitting here thinking (besides the other obvious things), it’s another sign that I’m not getting any younger.