I work too many hours

By March 12, 2008July 22nd, 2018Business

Well no not me, I actually like working and too many hours isn’t something I have really ever thought of or complained about. I was more the type to be happy I was working, had a job, could pay my bills and do some fun stuff on the side. And for all of you critics out there I’m not just basing my theory on recent times, I’m basing it on just about my entire professional life. Even way back when I use to push carts for Home Depot out on Long Island.

I recently had the wonderful chance to work with someone, we will say “Mark” (so no one jumps to any conclusions) that was what I like to call the typical “maybe” employee. As in maybe they actually are as good as they say they are or “maybe” that person will barely be able to get started before they get going.

“Mark” was very excited to get started in his new position, he had great idea’s and talked a great game. However, on Mark’s first day, Mark was an hour late, Mark didn’t call or let anyone know he would be late. Finally, Mark showed up, offered no real reason as to why he was late and just went about his day. In order to get through this story, I will glide through some of the details. For the next few week’s Mark’s lateness with no communication what so ever continued, Mark’s Boss kept calm during this time, trying to be understanding to some of the billion problems in Mark’s life. During this time of being late or not showing up to work Mark also decided he should inquire about a raise as if Mark deserved more money. Mark also wanted some type of a commitment in regards to future growth and top earning potential. As time went on Mark got a little better, started being on time, getting a decent amount of work done and staying focused. Then one day Mark met someone, Mark was quickly wrapped up in his new found love, this caused disaster for Mark.

Mark quickly had problems working 30hrs in a week’s time, and the work output level just collapsed. When Mark was asked about the hours he stated that he was working too many hours between his other “side job” and at the Boss’s company. This story was also pretty old to the Boss who made an agreement with Mark about how many hours minimum Mark would be expected to work in a week as well as other work specific details. Mark continued on about working too many hours, being tired all the time, missing this and missing that. Mark was given a chance to make his own schedule so that he wouldn’t be late and could plan accordingly. Mark thought this was too hard, Mark couldn’t do it because Mark couldn’t work that many hours.

I hate to say it but really, how many hours is too many hours? In my world 50 hrs, a week is nothing, 30 hrs is a vacation. Is the real fact here that Mark just doesn’t want to work, doesn’t want to have normalcy in his life, Mark isn’t looking to settle down and start thinking about the future?

I hope Mark’s life never gets any harder, im not sure Mark could handle it.