Come as Advertised

By March 10, 2008July 22nd, 2018Uncategorized

As the economy gets worse, the housing market continues to decline and more and more people find themselves without work and without money, it blows me away how the one’s not in that situation will do anything to get in that situation. There always seems to be that one person who claims to want it all and be willing to do anything for it. Then when it comes down to reality and they have a chance to prove themselves they end up being all talk no action.

Here’s what I don’t really understand, through the years I’ve worked for and with ALL kinds of people. People that put in real hard work, the true “get this shit done” people, the ones that saw the entire picture, not just the piece they wanted to see. On the flip side I have also seen the “Big Talkers”, they think they have you fooled with the Big Talk, about all of the skills they have, everything they have done in their lives and how fast they are going to show you how amazing they are. Then at the end of the day when you give them a true challenge (some easier than others) and give them a true timeline, they can’t deliver. About the only thing they can deliver is what they think is an excellent excuse (or in their eyes “reason”) as to why they couldn’t get it done.

Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if the employee’s to be and active employee’s in the work field would just come as advertised? I mean hey if some guy or girl walks in and they sit down for an interview and they act like a complete idiot, it doesn’t mean they won’t get the job, it just means they might have a chance at a different job (whatever it might be). Then, in the end, the expectations for the one that walks in and acts like a moron are simply that, you expect that employee to be a moron. If you hire someone that’s late for the interview you might as well accept the fact that, that employee will be late to work in the near future too.

Think of how much time, money and aggravation it would save everyone. Moron Employee that applied for a specific position then got it, sucked and got fired might have had a different job in the company where the expectations for moron employee would reflect on the fact that you already knew the employee was a moron. No need to terminate, no need to sit and constantly speak to and no need to get bent about them.

Moving forward I am asking all of you that are looking for employment anywhere, Go As Advertised to your interview, that way you don’t waste anyone else’s time or your own.