Carnival Inspiration Review

By March 30, 2008July 22nd, 2018Vacations

Yesterday I posted a short review or as I would like to call it, Rant about Carnival Inspiration and how they handle certain issues, like not taking customers to the destination they paid for and then shafting them with a big fat $50 credit for the inconvenience. Today I am back with more of a review of Carnival Inspiration and some of the things I have come across thus far.

I would like to start off by saying that they have re-done this Carnival ship since the last time I was on it a few years ago. They added “Carnival Water Works“. It’s pretty cool they removed the main water slide from the Lido Deck which opens up the area nicely. Then on the Promenade deck, they put 3 new water slides and a new kids pool, which is only a foot deep so it’s perfect for the little ones. They also changed the furniture outside and a few other things.

Carnival Water Works
Carnival Inspiration Water Works Picture

One of the main changes that I noticed they made and mentioned on their brochure is having Wireless Internet Access on the ship, that’s great for me because I hate using other computers that don’t have my programs and shit like that. The price for the service isn’t too bad either, like $.49 a minute if you get the highest plan. The biggest problem I have with this particular service is that it’s so inconsistent in regards to connectivity that it drives me crazy. It also constantly logs you out, so if you’re not saving your work you’re going to end up screwed because you have to log back in through their network.

Something else that has NOT changed on Carnival Inspiration and something that seems to be on EVERY Carnival Cruise ship I have been on is the service, I will never understand how the staff can work on this ship for so damn long and have no effin clue about where anything is or when things are going on. I can reference Camp Carnival as an example, I don’t care what ship I am on of Carnival when it comes to the Camp Carnival staff actually knowing what’s going on they simply don’t have a clue. They send you all over the boat, tell you times that certain things start, etc. and you show up and there’s no one there or the time you were told has been changed without any notice to the guests, and even their own staff members. Talk about a pain in the ass.

Overall I will say it looks like Carnival has actually started to listen and think about their guests a bit with some of the changes. I hope the next change they make will include lowering the volume of the live band and especially lowering the mic on the MC who does the events and contests during the day. There’s 100’s of people on the Lido Deck and it’s safe to say there’s no way for any of those guests to have a conversation with any other guests out here because it’s so damn loud.