Carnival Inspiration Bah!

By March 29, 2008July 22nd, 2018Vacations

Through the years I have gone on many Carnival Cruise’s I think the current one I am on is my 9th one. I have taken Carnival Cruise lines out of Port Canavrel and Tampa Florida. With destinations to Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas as well as Turks and Caicos (such a sexy little island), Cozumel, Grand Cayman and a few others.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about Carnival Cruises is th fact that there always seems to be some kind of “Issue”. I remember my frist Cruise which was on Carnival Fantasy had a problem heading out of Tampa, they ended up changing our destination from Grand Cayman to fucking Ft. Lauderdale (I live in Florida, that sucks).

Now take into account the current Carnival Cruise ship im writing you from now, Carnival Inspiration. As we leave Tampa some kid cracked the back of his head open and the Coast Gaurd has to stop the ship to get him off for Medical Attention. In the process they had to stop the boat, when they went to start the boat again I guess nthere was another “Issue”. A few hours later we get the announcment, “Welcome aboard everyone, we are about to screw you over and make you look stupid.” or as they put it:

“We have a problem with the propulsion system of the boat, due to this issue we are forced to travel at a reduced speed. Due to the reduced speed, we will not be able to make the scheduled stop in Grand Cayman. We will be crediting each room with a $50 credit and if you book ANOTHER Carnival Cruise before December and NOT ON ANY HOLIDAYS we will give you 25% off.”

Here is my issue with this bullshit. First and foremost, are you trying to tell me the value of going to Grand Cayman is only worth $50? Is that all I was charged when I booked the trip, for that particular destination? I don’t effin think so. In regards to the 25% off, what another bullshit joke, I paid a premium price for the cruise I am on, because it is in the HOLIDAY (or Spring Break) period, meanwhile you screw me out of my destinations on my HOLIDAY and than I can’t even use the 25% voucher to book another cruise when I might have a Holiday since they screwed mine up?

So needless to say Carnival Inspiration makes out big when it comes to shit like this, in reality they credit you $50 for something you paid way more than that for, than they trap you on the boat for an extra day at sea which of course means more money for Carnival, the Casino, the Gift Shops, and most importantly the Booze and Soda for the kids. If given the chance I would like to roll up my $50 credit and jam it right up the ass of Carnival’s CEO, it’s a slap in the face and nothing more. As I sit here on the Lido Deck of the cruise ship Carnival Inspiration with my giant $50 credit, I have now pissed that credit away by simply ordering a bucket of Michelob Ultra and abucket of Bud Light. Thanks Carnival, thanks for the slap in the face and shoing just how little you still really give a shit about the people that get on your ships and pay your bills. Oh and on a quick note, remember the first Carnival Cruise I mentioned? That was about 7 years ago, I got the same shitty credit on that cruise.

Carnival continues to have higher prices as the economy changes, and they continue to pass the shaft on to the customers that pay those prices. Good job.