Bricktown 54

By April 22, 2008July 22nd, 2018Life

Since Friday I have had a few of the guys that work for me in town to go over some business stuff and kick back a little bit. Msacras and Lace were the two kiddies in town and Monday was their day to fly home. They both had mid-afternoon flights home and needed to be at the airport by like 1 pm.

Before heading to the airport we figured we would grab some lunch and a beer at the Winghouse in Palm Harbor Florida. We headed over to Winghouse at 11 am ordered up some crap to eat and got the first round of beer taken care of. Time really started to fly at about Noon and before we knew it, it was 12:45 (both guys should have been to the airport by 1 pm) we were about 30 minutes from Tampa International Airport when we decided to cash out. At that point in time, all kinds of shit happened and the conversation changed. The discussion was about changing flights and trying to get flight information. The flights were moved to 7:07 pm which meant we would hit the airport around 5 pm.

Extreme John Bricktown

Msacras, Extreme John and Lisa at Bricktown

Extreme John sign

Way too Drunk Msacras and Extreme John throwing up the EJ symbol

Extreme John and Msacras

Picture of Extreme John and Msacras at Bricktown 54 in Clearwater Florida

Let’s just say 5pm came and went pretty quick as we continued to pour Beer down our throats on Semi Empty stomach’s. Lace and Msacras weren’t going to make their 7pm flights. The flights got moved to Tuesday morning for Msacras and Lace’s flight never got scheduled because he was too busy falling victim to the back seat of the Mercedes the same way that ShagE did at the same Winghouse once before.