Birthday Time

By April 19, 2008July 22nd, 2018Life

It’s that crazy time of year when I have two of my kids Birthday’s in a short period of time and we always try to do something fun at the house instead of doing the same old thing over and over again like Chuckie Cheese or whatever else.

This year I had some fun idea’s I wanted to try and do for my son’s party, something he would remember forever especially because of the age he is turning. I decided I would try to have a 5′ custom Eminem cake made but no one would design and do the cake, everyone just kept saying it would be expensive and when we asked how much they would back out of doing it. So instead we went with an Eminem Album art cover custom cake. (Pictured below) My son is a huge Eminem Fan.

Custom Eminem Cake

Next thing I wanted to do was have a Fire Eating guy come to the house and do some Fire Eating, we called on Dallas Saupe better known as Dallas The Fire Guy and he was able to come in and do it with some pretty short notice. He did a kick ass show, even got my mother in law involved in the show.

Human Volcano

Before Dallas The Fire Guy was scheduled to come I set up to have Wild Life Rescue and Rehabilitation come out and bring a Siberian Tiger, Alligator and a Couple of Boa Constrictors. When they showed up they had an extra Siberian Tiger with them. Before they could get parked in front of my house the Neighbors started to come from down the street to see what was going on. It was pretty cool because just about every kid in the Neighborhood was there to see the Tigers. We decided to ask them all to join the party, they had a blast. Having Wildlife rescue come out helps support and feed the animals and it’s less expensive than some of the Clowns and other Entertainment we have had at our Parties, I would recommend giving them a call and supporting the cause 727-399-1525 and bring them out for your next party.

WIldlife Rescue Tiger

Wildlife Rescue