After Hours

By March 22, 2008July 22nd, 2018Life, Parties

If you read my post from yesterday all I have to say is, “I told you suite parties destroy me.” After the Basketball games last night (which actually turned out to be excellent games) Louis from Devoted Creations invited the owner of Hot Spot Tanning Company in Palm Harbor, FL along with a couple of his friends out to do a little V.I.P After party at “The Blue Martini” a kick ass bar/club in Tampa.

Before hitting the blue Martini we stopped off at one of Louis’s friends houses and played a quick game of beer pong (with some crazy rules), than hit the Blue Martini. By time we got to The Blue Martini they were only open for an hour or so. Just before leaving I was in the mens room and I heard a commotion behind me, when I turned around there was this little guy probably like 5′ tall that looked like Danny D’vito and sounded like Joe Peschi. This guys tricks were out of control so I decided to drag him outside and have him put on a show, long story short this guy had some sick skills so he jumped in the Limo with us and headed over to the Hard Rock where I ran into my old V.I.P host Vanessa (pictured below in a recent photo)

Vanessa and Extreme John
(wow my hair is fucked)

To close this deal up we ended up getting home just before 6am and we needed to be up early the next day, so OUCH on this After Party call. I would like to thank Louis from Devoted Creations for a great time, we all had a blast.