Adding your small business to Google Maps is important not only because it provides a business location for clients, but also because it offers a unique advertising opportunity.

Why Add Your Small Business to Google Maps?

When you add your small business to Google Maps, you provide a physical location which allows local searchers to locate your business even if they aren’t looking for it. What do I mean by this?

Say that I live in Santa Clara and that your small business – a nail salon – is also located in Santa Clara. Now, I have never heard of your business before, but I am looking for a nail salon in Santa Clara within walking distance of my home.

Add Business Google Maps

So, I jump on to Google Maps and search my address and “nail salon.” When I do this, Google Maps pulls local business locations within the specified area. This means that even though I wasn’t specifically looking for your business, I can find it because you are located within my search area and you are listed on Google Maps!

How to Add Your Small Business to Google Maps

Now that you know one of the biggest benefits to adding your small business to Google Maps, how do you go about doing it? It’s actually quite an easy process!

Step 1: Open Google Maps. You can do this by using the Google Maps app on your mobile device or by going straight to Maps.Google.Com. Make sure that you are signed in to “Google My Business” Google account.

Step 2: Use the map to find the physical location of your business. For example, if your business is located on Small Business St., Santa Clara, California, you want to zoom into Small Business St. and find the exact location of your business.

Step 3: Now that you have the area of your small business up on your screen, look down in the lower right-hand side of the screen to where it says “Report a Problem.” Click this link.

Step 4: You will now see the option to “Add a Missing Place.” Click this selection.

Step 5: You will see a marker on your screen, drag this marker to the precise location of your business. This shouldn’t be a big deal since you already have your map zoomed in on the right area of the map.

Step 6: Once you have added your marker to the map, you will have the opportunity to add any pertinent information to the location of your business such as business name, etc.

Step 7: Once you have filled in the pertinent information for your business as well as pinned your location on the map with the Google Maps marker, click submit to submit your location to Google Maps!

What if Your Small Business is Already on Google Maps?

If you zoom into Google Maps to add your business location and you find that your business location is already noted on Google Maps, then you will want to “claim” your business instead of adding it.

How do you claim a business location that is already on Google Maps?  Just find your small business location and click it! From here you will be asked to verify that you are the owner of that business.

Unfortunately, this is done by physically mailing a verification code to your business, so it is not a particularly time efficient process. Once you do get the verification code, however, you simply have to submit the code via your Google My Business account to confirm that you own the business!

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  • Adding business in Google maps is one of the most effective SEO tactic as well, which requires a little efforts. A Google map helps customers to find small business with ease. Thanks for this useful post!

  • John watson says:

    I didn’t see name boy on that list. I find it to be a helpful way to find quality names. No the site doesn’t give a big list, but enough to find something good.

  • Thanks for the Information and additional to your Content

    Every business owners wants to put his or her business on the map. While the metaphorical intent of that statement—the growth of one’s business—is a worthy goal, today, we’re going to be focusing on the literal interpretation: how to get a business on Google maps. While getting your business on the first page of Google can increase traffic to your website, getting your business on Google Maps can increase traffic to your store. When you put your business on Google Maps, you are paving the way for greater brand reach. Customers searching for, say, coffee, in their local area will open up Google Maps in search of that cup of joe and discover that your business (a café) is just a few minutes away from their location. With no work on your end, you’ve just scored a new customer!

    The more easily and frequently your business’s name appears on Google Maps, a trusted source of information, the more people will start trickling in. Even if you don’t own a brick and mortar store, you can benefit from the exposure Google Maps provides.

  • Izdelava says:

    Agreed, Google Maps & Google My Business are very useful for small business owners. Thank you for the post.

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    Dear Admin,

    I landed upon your article ” How to Add Small Business to Google Maps” from google, Actually, I am doing a research on” how Google map can benefit our small car service business”, found your article useful.
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  • Jerry T says:

    i was thinking about adding my web design business to the maps,thank you for making it easier

  • DESSS says:

    Adding business in Google maps is one of the most effective SEO tactic as well which requires a little effort.

  • Chuck says:

    Google Maps is indeed very helpful and in my opinion, every business should be on it. Clients can find you easily this way. Thanks for sharing such a helpful article.

  • Trisha panda says:

    Thanks for the informational and perceivable article. Your blog is quiet impressive about google map. Because many people doesn’t know about using google map. For sure, your blog will help those people.

  • SK Family Dental says:

    Definitely a must for every business owner with an online presence. This way your clients can find you without a hassle.

  • Moshiur Rahman says:

    Agreed, Google Maps & Google My Business are very useful for small business owners.
    I was thinking about adding my web design business to the maps, thank you for making it easier.

  • John says:

    I’ve add my business in Google maps few weeks ago, since then my traffic growed 20%

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